29. mar. 2014

lazy oaf package

So recently I celebrated my b-day, and I got a bit more money that what I expected, so I ended up buying some clothes hehe.

The first package to arrive was from Lazy Oaf! Which was kinda crazy, because it arrived yesterday at around 12 pm, but I ordered it on Thursday at around 2 pm????? That's some fast shipping, man. (and express shipping was like...5 pence cheaper than the regular shipping haha)

I love the packages from Lazy Oaf!!

First one up is this amazing shirt. Just. wo w. I got it in XL which is just a bit too big, but I don't know if it's worth to return it and get a bigger size... What if L is just a bit too small.. h hah. But I love it!! I have a feeling I'm gonna wear this a lot this summer.

This was a better fit! Looovee it wow go sh. This somehow reminds me of a weird water lemon or a cactus ..

And the last thing I bought were these amazing socks. My burger socks collection is growing! (ok I have only two pairs now but sssshhhhh)

Overall I'm VERY pleased with everything!
This is my second package from Lazy Oaf, and it's definitely not the last.

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