13. jan. 2014

a new year, new selfies

selfie game was way weak in 2013

let's make it stronger in 2014

No, but yeah! This is a selfie/outfit post! It's been way long since I've made one of those.
How do I do this again

Let's start with what I wore for New Year's Eve!

(with the lipstick that had faded in the other pics because of delicious food he hh)

You could say I .. .  piloted my way into 2014 he heh h (ΘεΘ;)
(you can also see my NEW NGE PHONE wow yes I have a seperate post in the making for that!)

New Year's Eve was great and the most fun I've had on NYE in years! (no ok Tokyo was pretty great aswell)

Similar outfit, only different skirt and socsk and stuff!

I really have a thing for plaid/tartan skirts lately w o o w

Also this weekend I got a visit from Ylva and we kinda dressed up as female Aoba and Noiz haha !

I found out that I enjoyed being Noiz way too much, so I'm now starting my journey to become the Real Noiz.
aka cutting and bleaching my hair when it gets warmer and save up money for piercings

I end this post with a silly face

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