17. apr. 2014

river island package

My package from River Island arrived the other day. Everything fit perfectly and I absolutely loooove all of the items.

the lamest editing ever don't judge me

I didn't pay for express shipping so it took around two weeks before the package arrived, which was completely fine.

I bought this lovely tartan dress! 
This is a really unflattering picture, but it's the only one I've got of the full dress atm.
I've already worn this dress a lot, it's so nice

I bought the socks as well, they're really cool.

And they fit well with my new jelly shoes heheh.

I also bought these dungarees, a pink velvet crop top and candy hearts socks!

lmao batman boxer shorts

The socks are perfect with the jelly shoes wow this is also the most kawaii picture of my feet ever jfc

I'm very pleased with everything and I can't wait for it to get warmer outside so I can wear all of this!

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