24. des. 2013


everyone needs these christmas lights on their blog

MERRY X-MAS! image

I can't believe the first thing I did when I woke up was to cosplay Christmas Kaworu.
But I did. And it didn't stop with just a santa hat and an ugly sweater, nnooopee, I wrapped Christmas lights around myself as well and took silly pictures with my silly Christmas tree.

'tis the season to surf up shinji-kun

yes btw I put a Kaworu on the star eehe eh angel on top of the tree

 This is the silliest thing. I put all of my phonestraps on my Christmas tree, it's like .. . .  an anime Christmas tree, it's so ugly and I love it. I had a Shinji near the top, so I figured I couldn't let this opportunity slip.

surf's up shinji-kun

 So yup! Christmas was fine, I was really tired tho uuuu u gg hh. I only got one "proper" present this year, the rest was money haha. Not complaining, it's going to my cosplay fund haha.
I'm also expecting a few packages in the mail, from people overseas! I sent a lot of Christmas packages overseas this year oohhmmyyy
After I've relaxed a lil bit and gathered my strength, I think I'm gonna make a post dedicated to my wonderful anime Christmas tree.


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