14. jun. 2015

my big hero 6 cosplay!

Whoops, I kinda disappeared for a while. Stress got to me and I had a really low period that lasted from January until now. Now I'm finally finished with high school and I'm starting to feel a lot better!
I actually have some entries saved as drafts, so I guess I'm gonna publish these before writing about recent cool stuff (which is related to "university" and "oxford" B-))

If you didn't guess from my last post about my new cosplay, I started working on Hiro from Big Hero 6! I finished it in February and I wore it at J-popCon in Denmark. It felt soooo good wearing it, in the end it turned out really good. AND ALSO. I had the best group ok. I had lovely Olivia as my Honey Lemon and Mako as Go Go! So many people wanted to take pictures of us, it was so cool.

 Look at us! This was one of my best con experiences by far.

Also, in Copenhagen, they had a Baymax in one of the toy stores! I was so happy, what a great photo opportunity! Honey Lemon and Go Go sadly couldn't join me.

Nice, nice, nice!! I walked in the rain for like 20 minutes for these pictures. Since my shoes were hotglued together, they kinda... fell apart haha.

 But look at these pictures, definitely worth it. Hug the tum-tum!

Look at dat babyface.

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