19. jun. 2015

love live cosplay

At J-popCon in February, I also cosplayed Kotori from Love Live for the first time! I have never cosplayed something this "girly" before ohmygod, wedding dress...
I bought the cosplay from Taobao and I was surprised by the quality and the size! I actually had to sew it in because it was too big. That's a new one haha.

I didn't cosplay from Love Live all alone, I was joined by Camilla! She is also a teacher at my school haha. Who can say that they've cosplayed with their teacher, huh? B-)

We looked cute and I had a lot of fun!

Nico Nico Niii!
(thanks to my buddy Erk for taking these pictures!)

I also wore this cosplay at Banzaicon in April! Lisa joined me and she was my Umi!


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