10. sep. 2014

tokyo outfits!

As I was editing some of the pictures I took in Tokyo, I thought I could upload some shitty cellphone pics of a couple of outfits I wore in Tokyo!
I edited these last night, I guess I was reaaally tired because damn these edits are lame haha.

 (ps all of these are snapchat quality oops sorry haha)

I think I wore this outfit way too much, haha! It's really comfy, even in the heat, and I felt really good in it! Also, NGE-representation!!! 

Never wore this outside the house actually, the top/body is a tight fitting one and tight fitting + heat and sweat = not a good match.

Also wore this several times! Stupid face lmao
Also that button is a crying Shinji, because we went to an NGE exhibition that day.

Eeehh kinda clashy, but kinda like it!

For my .. .. "date" with Yuta h h ahah a el oh el


l m  AO hahaha
Edited in angry Asuka face to show off my discontent with the size of my hips/love handles, because fuck dat it's too small

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  1. mIR JEG DØDE JEG REGISTRERTE IKKE AT DU HADDE REDIGERT INN HODET JEG BARE "???? NOE ser litt annerledes ut hmm...ny frisyre?"