29. aug. 2014

my journey to grey(ish) hair !

After over a year with this hair color and haircut, I definitely needed a change.
Keeping a color and cut for that long is crAZY for me, if you know me, and I've never had a color that long before (well.. except for my natural virgin hair when I was smaller you know)

I decided to go for grey/silver because I wanted to become the real life Kaworu Nagisa.
no I'm kidding, but yeah, kinda not at the same time.

This was how my hair looked when I started the process 07.07

....... aaaand this was after the first round of bleach. Absolutely lovely.
I found out that green/blue hair color is a megabitch to get out, and I wish I knew this before I dyed it ):
I'll probably never go back to this color again, even tho it's the most beautiful color I've ever had, but I ended up frying my hair off to get it out.

This was only like.. 40% of all the hair I lost. I kinda panicked, because in the 8 years that I've bleached my hair, I've never lost that much hair, or damaged my hair beyond repair. But I guess you gotta fuck up once..

(so smug)

But just a couple of days after the 'accident', my hair was already fluffy and it still felt 'normal', so I guess I was lucky after all :')

 A couple of days before I traveled to Tokyo I got my hair cut by my friend Silje!
Thanks for the animu haircut!
I looked like I was 12.

But now, I wish I never tried to dye it grey. I could have had a reaaal nice and white blonde color on my head, but instead I have this... weird.... thi  ng...  .  but back to that later!

The silver hairdye I bought didn't have any effect at all, so I bought a ... toner-dye kinda? Lots of old ladies uses it to keep their hair an even grey color, and the lady at the shop said my hair would turn really grey, and I looked at hair samples and everything, so I was pretty positive about it.

It went back to blue....................... and it was soooo patchy.
(my face shows my discontent) 
Look at this mess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so mad and sad because I'd already used a lot of money and then it went back to blue? )))):
like..... if it was an EVEN blue color, it would've been OK, but it was super patchy and some places where green, and yellow and grey? I don't understand what happened.

It looked SUPER nice on webcam tho! Like... this is the haircolor I want....

I had nnooooo idea how to even try to begin to fix this (was that even a proper sentence) so the only thing that popped up in my head was to wash it a million times. I really didn't want to go to Tokyo with ugly, patchy hair T-T Which I ended up doing anyways.
The intensity of the blue faded a bit at least, so it wasn't that horrible, but still....

After a couple of washes in Tokyo it looked like this?? Which is a pretty big difference in only one week.
It ended up getting more and more patchy tho, as you can see. More blonde and green parts, but also ... peachy parts? 
What. the. hell.

Luckily I brought my violet toning shampoo, so I got most of the yellow/green parts out. But the peachy parts stayed and turned more pinkish?? Hahaha my hair was so messy during the Tokyo trip....

During the end of the Tokyo trip it got a LOT better. The bangs were almost completely even, which was the most important part anyways.

Back home. Almost the same, but still a bit of difference :o)

This is now. There's still some blonde spots, but I'm not -that- bothered with them anymore, because I literally don't know what to do about it.

So overall, a horrible experience and not a pleasing result :')
4/10 would not try again

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  1. It looks super pretty tho! Gray hair is a total bitch, I've seen it first hand with one of my best friends. In the end she went to a school for hairdressers and had them dye it gray for her after she'd bleached it on her own, and then she used toners of the sort you used, and silver schampoo to maintain it. I'd say the main reason behind your hair turning blue and patchy after using the toner is because super bleached hair is waaaay more porous than the slightly rougher hair quality people usually get when their hair grows white due to old age, no wonder your hair went bonkers with that sort of chemicals in it. People in stores tend to not tell you that since they usually don't really have any education on actual hair chemistry if they're just shop clerks, they just know how the products usually behave OTL

    1. Thank you!!
      Aahh I see. I did follow a .. "tutorial" of some sorts from a girl I kinda know, and she had the exact same process as mine, and she bleached her hair as much as I did, but her hair turned this lovely color of grey. siiiiiiigghh det skal ikke være lett!
      I may go to a salon later on, because I really want that color . .
      thanks for sharing your friends story and advice!