16. okt. 2014

halloween make-up test

Halloween is coming, and I still am not quite sure about my costume yet! I have several ideas, like for example;
                     Dead!Kaworu (yes this is horrible and heartbreaking but that's what I live for)
                     Kaneki Ken
                     Lydia Deetz
                     Making a gore-doll-ish outfit with my schooluniform B-)
                    And just a lot of halloweenified versions of the cosplays I have!

On Saturday I ended up getting really bored and inspired at the same time, so I ended up doing a makeup test for Morticia Addams, which resultet in me sitting up at 3AM in a full get-up haha.
It turned out way better than expected tho, so Morticia is now a top candicate for Halloween this year! My friend also wanted to be my Gomez... Mon cher...

So here are some overly dramatic edited pictures, in attempt to somewhat copy the style of the '91 movie!

It doesn't really look like me, a lot of my friends didn't even recognize me when I uploaded a picture on facebook haha! The wonders of make-up, angles and facial expressions. 

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