4. okt. 2014

grey hair 2

FINALLY!! After 3 months of struggle, pain and heartache, I finally achieved a nice grey color for my hair.

I decided I was gonna give it a go one more time before I would give up completely. So I bought another dye that a friend of mine used. But it still turned blue???
 I was so frustrated and sad )))):
BUT!! After just one wash, all the blue went away and I got this really great grey color!!

Some dark blonde parts here and there because bleaching problems... but eeeeehh, it's such a nice color now!!!! I am happy and content.

With the hair problem solved, I guess I felt super-motivated and content, so I decided it was time for a clean and tidy room. I don't think I've cleaned my room since . ..  I don't know.. It's been messy for a while!

Jesus Christ. This is gonna take a long time to clean up tho!! I'm also going through all of my stuff to see if there's anything I can throw away or sell on my storenvy. Already found a bunch of stuff, so I'm gonna update my storenvy soon! 

 I can do this. I'm gonna have a clean and tidy room. Yeasssh.
(also yes, early halloween B-) )

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