16. sep. 2014

oslo and bubbletea!

On Saturday, after the flea markets, Carolina and I were supposed to take a trip to Oslo for some weeabo shopping, udon and bubbletea! The only thing that was a success was the bubbletea..

We decided that we wanted to get dressed in cult party-kei, which resulted in us leaving at 18.. So we were in Oslo around 19, and all the shops were closed haha. And with only 2 hours until our bus back home left, we only had time for a quick dinner and bubbletea!
Nevertheless, it was super fun, we looked fab and the bubbletea was delicious. It was Carolina's first taste of bubbletea, and she said that the short (and expensive) trip was sooo worth it!
(I'll upload our outfits in a separate post so this post doesn't get too long!)

I tried a new flavor; taro!!!! It was yum


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